‘Duck Dynasty’ fans flock to West Monroe, La. (TODAY.com, link)

Vacation destinations often include exotic places with an ocean view, but for “Duck Dynasty” fans, West Monroe, La., is the vacation spot of the year.

Bully for her! Elle the pit bull is 2013 American Hero Dog (TODAY.comlink)

Pit bulls have a reputation for being aggressive, but it’s not unusual to find Elle, a 5-year-old pit bull, cuddling up to elementary school children for story time.

What Hot And Healthy In Miami Beach Right Now. (WellandGoodNYC.comlink, pdf)

There’s nothing like the sub-zero temps in New York to inspire fantasies of a weekend in Miami Beach. So along with searching for cheap flights at your desk and planning a sick day (don’t worry, we won’t tell), we’re sharing tips from Suzy Buckley Woodward, editor-in-chief of Ocean Drive magazine and all-around Miami guru, for the healthy hotspots you’ll want to hit.

Is Granola Good For You? (WellandGoodNYC.comlink)

While granola has some health benefits (and it still beats pancakes for nutritional value), it’s also not the angelic breakfast food you may have taken it for.

Could these herbal tinctures be your new Advil? (WellandGoodNYC.comlink)

It turns out that old-world herbal bitters and tonics work wonders as remedies for modern-day stressors, headaches, and more

Refrigerator Look Book: Larysa Didio (WellandGoodNYC.com, link)

The anthropologist-turned-celebrity trainer believes in a “rotational diet,” while fessing up to an obsession with coconut and drinking tea.

Our Town Downtown: Downtown Dance Center To Disappear? (Our Town Downtown, linkpdf)

Lower Manhattan’s Dance New Amsterdam stands in danger of closing.

West Side Spirit: Harlem Food Bank Hit Hard (West Side Spirit, linkpdf)

A food pantry in Harlem struggles to handle the rising poverty numbers in New York City.

Gallant & Jones: Holiday 2012 Gift Guide For Women (Gallant & Jones, linkpdf)

Each year, the holidays sneak up on us. And each year, we face the task of purchasing the gift for our loved ones. Check out this gift guide to make it easy. Ladies first.

Take It To The Road  (Latter-Day Woman magazinepdf)

The summer months have become synonymous with vacation, but with a recovering economy, they may be more difficult to afford than ever. Rising airlines prices don’t need to put a halt on summer trips–why not take it to the road? Traveling by car allows for great advantages that are difficult to come by in the airport. Whether this is your first or twentieth road trip, here are five inevitable truths that you will find helpful on your summer adventure.

Eco-Friendly iPhone Case Benefits Tsunami Victims (Gallant & Jones, linkpdf)

In an effort to continue helping those affected by the tsunami and earthquake in Japan, the Primary Case Company has created a case of the iPhone 4 entirely out of bamboo.